Sell on EZ Reptiles

What is EZ Reptiles?

EZ Reptiles is a collection of Reptiles for Sale from a collection of Reptile Breeders who open their own store in this Marketplace.  When a customer buys an animal or product from the Breeders store, they are buying directly from the breeder.

What does it cost to list animals on EZ Reptiles?

Right now, there is no cost to list animals or products on EZ Reptiles.  When an animal is sold, EZ reptiles will keep 5% of the revenue and pass the other 95% directly to the breeder.

What is the benefit of listing animals on EZ Reptiles for a Breeder?

One of the big challenges Breeders face when selling their animal over the internet is charging the correct amount for shipping.  FedEx is the main carrier for live animal shipments and they require all live animals ship using FedEx Priority Overnight shipping service.  EZ Reptiles is linked with the Breeders ReptilesExpress FedEx account so the customer immediately sees the cost of the Animal AND the cost of shipping when making a buying decision.

What is ReptilesExpress?

ReptilesExpress is a FedEx affiliated shipping service.  ReptilesExpress generates FedEx labels at a discount price for Breeders to use when shipping animals.  ReptilesExpress manages any issues directly with FedEx in the the event of any problems. EZ Reptiles integrates ReptilesExpress shipping services directly into the system.

Do Breeders need a ReptilesExpress account to use EZ Reptiles?

Yes.  The price of shipping a customer sees when ordereing products through EZ Reptiles is pulled through your ReptilesExpress account.  When signing up to sell on EZ Reptiles, make sure you use the same email account you use for your ReptilesExpress account.